Friday, June 10, 2011

The American Gerry Dawes,a renowned specialist in gourmet and in the wine world, makes his annual visit to wineries A Coroa

The American Gerry Dawes, a renowned specialist in the world of gastronomy and wine among other works and one of the best specialist that known Spanish culture, makes his annual visit to wine cellars A Coroa making great reviews of their wines.

Broadly speaking, the New Yorker Gerry Dawes is a writer, photographer and lecturer specialized in the cuisine, wines and culture of Spain. He lived in Andalucía for eight years, has nearly 40 traveling around the country and has an average of seven annual culinary trips to Spain. He was awarded with the National Prize of Gastronomy "Marqués de Busianos" 2003 by the Spanish Academy of Gastronomy and The Brotherhood of the Good Food and is the only foreigner honored with the Award of Eleven Wine Dinner. He is the Contributing Editor of Food Arts, Wine News, Santé and several magazines of ICEX and has published hundreds of articles on wine, food and travel in Spain. He has presented papers and presentations at Culinary Institute of America - Napa Valley, Christie's New York, Encounter Verema (Valencia), Philadelphia Museum of Art (six dinners during the exhibition of Dali), International Association of Culinary Professionals (Annual Meeting), IBERWINE, Madrid Fusion, Fenavin, Vino a Toda Vela and host of the Spain's Ten (10 best chefs in New York Spanish). He was the Chairman of the James Beard Dinner-Auction Foundation in 2004 that was dedicated to Spain, honoring Ferran Adrià and Juan Mari Arzak and beating all records of the foundation.

He declares himself as a lover of godellos of Valdeorras and the last Wednesday he made his annual visit to the wineries A Coroa, which in this case he was received in the accompaniment of Emmanuel Dupuy, manager of several wine shops in a lot of U.S. states.

"Gerry comes every year to taste our wine because he is in love with it and with all general godellos too" conveys Marta Sertaje of the winery A Coroa. "He says we have a great potential in Valdeorras, and  that with our dedication and effort we can keep the quality of our wines over the years ". First tasted A Coroa 2010 and A Coroa lees 2010. "He always prefer the wine without lees and without wood because he says that the variety godello has great potential to produce wine by itself without having to put it in wood or with lees. Nevertheless, he said that our wine on the lees is very well done and we have assemble very well ", said Marta.

"We gave him to taste a bottle of 2007 and his surprise was very pleasant, though he knew wich godello is a variety that is developed very well in the bottle. He also said it was a pity that these wines are consumed in the same year of their production instead of leaving them in the bottle 1 or 2 years before being drunk", she explains.

In this way it becomes clear that the interest in the quality of Valdeorras´ wines is both inside and outside of our borders, always based on an exquisite work done by the growers, winemakers and Regulatory Council, covered under the name of D.O. Valdeorras.

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