Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Winery A Coroa launches first labeled of Godello controlled production

Photo: Mercedes González
In the pursuit of excellence of the Godello of  Valdeorras, the award-winning winery A Coroa launched the first godello controlled production.

Under the specific rules laid down by the DO Regulatory Council Valdeorras in its order of November 24, 2009, for preferred red grapes and white of godello. This award-winning winery valdeorresa in their quest for excellence Godello, has decided to make this statement that implies a minimum area of 0.5 hectares (one or more parcels that do not exceed a radius of 1.5 km.) The maximum allowable production will be 6,000 KG red grapes per hectare and up to 8,000 for whites. A Certification Authority Control of the Regulatory Council will ensure that this is fulfilled, ie the figure of the supplier will carry out a comprehensive process control.

And that  quest to improve every day our wines is the biggest concern for winemakers, Winecellars and Regulatory Council in Valdeorras

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