Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Importers from 15 countries attend the call of quality of wines and spirits of Galicia in Vinis Terrae

Importers from 14 countries join the Belgian delegation, announced yesterday, to test "in situ" the excellence of wines from Galicia, in the fourth edition of Vinis Terrae.

The Rising demand, based on the proven quality of the wines of Galicia, attracting an increasing share of foreign importers in the Halls of Promotional wine of galicia . Thus, participation is confirmed, between tomorrow and the day after in the Expourense Fairgrounds, to importers from 15 countries in the IV Galician quality Wines and Spirits fair, "Vinis Terrae".

A great delegation of Belgian importers, announced yesterday, we must add a large influx of importers of countries as the U.S., which will be visit for a importers of a dozen states, Mexico and Poland. They will be joined importers to Germany, Brazil, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Portugal, United Kingdom, Sweden, Switzerland and a broad representation of Spanish distributors.

Wineries of the 5 guarantee of origing of Galician, among which have an important role of wine cellars of Valdeorras, they split the space of 5000 square meters of Fairgrounds Expourense, to treatment the interest generated day after day for Galician wines, both inside and outside our borders.

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