Monday, April 11, 2011

Valdeorras will present its wines today at the XXV edition of the Hall of Gourmets at Madrid

Valdeorras wines joins the rest of Galicia quality designations in the Stand of Cosellería  for Rural Affairs of the Xunta de Galicia, to make a gastronomic excitement of Galician products in the Hall of Gourmets in Madrid.

A Ministry for Rural Affairs will be present, once again, at the XXV International hall of Gourmet Club of Madrid and will have a space of 216 square meters, in which distributed a total of 17 companies in the food sector in addition to 22 Regulators Council. At the same time they prepared a series of activities for presentation and taste the products of the companies co-exhibitors and quality designations of Galicia, combining the products of the land with the sea, whit helps for the Ministry of the Sea

On the first day of the fair, the department head Samuel Juárez submit to the audience, under the title "A delight for the senses", a Galician sausage tasting with wines from the DO Valdeorras, seafood (mexilóns of Galicia, canned fish products), with wines of the Rías Baixas and Monterrei and Galician Veal  with DO Ribeiro wine.

During these days, there will be presentations and tastings of differentiation and classification  cheese of Galicia  PDO Arzúa-Ulloa, Cheese Nipple, San Simón da Costa and Cebreiro, and various productions of qualifying for IXP Miel de Galicia, the I.X.P. Chestnut Galicia, as well as ecological products delicatessens to dealers , restaurants and hotels.

With over 1,300 exhibitors and 40,000 products, Gourmet Fair is a meeting point for business in which companies have access to interviews with foreign buyers, purchasing managers of stores and surfaces, hospitality chains and distributors from five continents . An event that awakens us media interest, national and international, with more than 1,150 accredited journalists and 80,000 trade visitors.

In addition, the general public can enjoy this show with the project "workshop of the senses" that you can expand the information in the following video.

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