Monday, April 25, 2011

Belgian importers are set on wine of the appellations of origin of Ourense

Belgian importers will visit Ourense to see first hand the wines of their four denominations of origin.

In a country where the growth in wine consumption keeps them as the eighth global consumers, they don´t lost the quality of the wines from the appellations of origin of Ourense, and through an agreement with the Chamber of Commerce of Ourense, is has agreed to the visit of importers of large stock wine, in the coming days ,to the 4th Hall of "Vinis Terrae." 

Through an initial tasting included of the acts  in the 4th hall Galician quality wine and spirits fair "Vinis Terrae",  will show visitors the specific characteristics of the 40 winecellars attached to the designation of origin, in order to bring positions between winemakers and distributors, that will be realized more concretely with subsequent visits to wineries. 

It is significant that the appellations of origin Ourense fits the tastes of a population that is characterized by the preference of stills wines, as nearly 40% of total consumption are the Spanish wines, including the reds wines occupied a prominent place with figure approach nearly to 60% of total consumption. 

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