Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Wines of D.O. Valdeorras welcome authorities and importers in "Vinis Terrae"

The wines of the D.O. Valdeorras inaugurate the first day of the IV Galician quality wine and spirits fair with a affable pledge to importers and authorities.

While We are looking forward to reviews of importers on the excellence of valdeorresa wines, wineries and Regulatory Council welcomed the authorities and distributors attending the IV Galician quality wine and spirits fair "Vinis Terrae", which this year has the presence of fifteen countries.

In this climate of twinning and healthy competition between wineries of the different denominations of origin from Galicia, the act is spiced with various educational activities. Among the most prominent is the course of create Wine books for restaurants, which will impart for the president of the Association of Sommeliers de Galicia "Gallaecia", Mercedes González. This course will show how to create a "Wine book for restaurants", centering with the cuisine and location of the restaurant and taking into account their belonging to a particular wine region.

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