Wednesday, May 4, 2011

French enologists rewarded the wines of the DO Valdeorras

Two white wine of  Valdeorras winners in two prestigious wines competitions in France.

 Award-winning two wines Valdeorras in two importants wine events in France. Bioca Godello 2010, Maria Teresa Nunez Vega wineries, has been awarded a silver medal in the 35 edition of Challenge International du Vin, held in the towns of Bourg and Blaye, near Bordeaux. This event received a total of 4,624 samples came from of 34 countries on five continents. The , organized by the association Concours Des Vins (CDV), is characterized by the rigor of the process of tasting, which is made ​​taking into account the views of producers, technicians, distributors and final consumers, who share a seat on the jury.

While the 2011 Paris Vinalies contest organized by the Union des Œnologues de France, highlighted with another silver medal to the broth VALDEORRAS "Viña Somoza on Lias 2010"  of the Winery and Vineyards Viña Somoza. This competition aims to recognize the "terroir" and the uniqueness of the wines in front of the growing internationalization of the market. In this competition has involved more than 3,000 samples came from 39 countries and were judged by over 100 professional tasters worldwide.

As input to highlight these awards only say that both belong to the vintage 2010, which talks of the excellence of this new crop, which has been brought to market by almost all  wineries of Valdeorras.

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