Thursday, May 5, 2011

Valdeorras white wine is the protagonist in the award ceremony by Robert Parker

Source: comunicalium - - ElEconomista
Pezas da Portela of Wine Cellars Valdesil, soars as the lead in the medal ceremony for Robert Parker in Madrid.

If someone has set the trend in the wine world in recent years, this person has been Robert Parker, through his publication "The Wine Advocate". He has been responsible for the grand opening to foreign markets, especially U.S., of the Spanish wines. Therefore the government of Spain, in recognition of the promotion and unification of criteria that Robert Parker made, has decided to award the medal of the Grand Cross of Civil Merit  which has been imposed by the Minister for Rural Affairs and Marine, Rosa Aguilar.

Back in 2007, Robert Parker, had transmitted a prophetic speech in wich heralded the arrival of the internationalization of Spanish white wine, in this played an essential role  the wine cellar of Valdeorras, Valdesil. That year, Robert Parker, did not hesitate to describe the Godello of this winery, made from century-old grape vines, as one of the best white in Spain.

 After nearly four years hard work and careful mime, the most prestigious and world famous "guru" of wine, did not fail to enjoy the company of this wine in one of the most important events nationwide.

Today, the work of Robert Parker, has been internationalized so that in order to reliably track the proliferation of wines worldwide, is assisted by a team of experts, in Spain represented by Jay Miller, who do not hesitate to praise the quality of wines from Galicia, between those who play a prominent role the Godello of Valdeorras.

Learn more about Jay Miller through this video

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