Thursday, June 30, 2011

Producers and processors of Txakoli visit wineries in the DO Valdeorras

Araceli Fernandez, representing wineries Godeval, tells us how was the meeting with the Association of Vizcaia Txakolineros, Bialtxa, who spent a day at the winery  tour, tasting and lunch at the Monastery.

-Producers and processors of this organization decided to organize a trip to Galicia and El Bierzo to know  wineries of the two denominations between them, Godeval. They spent a day in the region of Valdeorras visiting the area and tasting it´s wines. 

 Some of them already had visited us does some years and surprised  of the changes that the cellar is making to expand its production capacity and improve service to visitors.In this time wanted to use the Monastery as a place to enjoy your food, after tasting the wines Godeval and Godeval old strains that have been honored with excellence awards 2011, with a score of 98 and 99 points respectively. 

Those who did not visit. Those that did not know the cellar and neither the godello took advantage of to ask after this variety and his preparation. In addition to testing it during the lunch where each one decanted  by his preferred. 

Also during the visit were surprised by the new winery will soon be running at full. They believe that the Godeval is working hard to grow and liked the modern design of the new winery in contrast to the previous location in the basement of the Mosteiro de Xagoaza .-

The association of Txokolineros of Vizcaia, Bialtxa, is headquartered in the town of Lezama since its founding in the year 90. Currently has 218 partners among producers and processors within the PDO Bizkaiko Txakolina which hosts 55 wineries. In 2010 had an output of 1170.000 liters of which 95 percent is white wine and the other rosé wine and red wine.

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