Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Joaquin Rebolledo Mencia 2012. Among the 150 wines unbeatable David Seijas.

David Seijas, Sommelier of El Bulli, the prestigious restaurant of Ferran Adria, for nine seasons and now involved in elBullifoundation.

Presents his new book, "UNBEATABLE WINE 150 WINE between 4 and 10 EUROS" in which Joaquin Rebolledo wine Mencía 2012 Bodega Joaquin Rebolledo is highlighted by the prestigious sumillier.

David Seijas, in his latest book, brings together the best 150 wines whose price is between € 4 and € 10, showing that the price is not key when enjoying a great wine. But he is convinced that" The client has to know the story behind the wine to know and appreciate the sommelier is responsible for telling that story, put the wine in context."
Among the latest discoveries of David Seijas, highlight Gallegos wine, he said, are slowly gaining market share in the audience excellent working basis.
David Seijas confesses that every day is a fan of the Galician red, and the Valdeorras out for its dynamism, fragrance and lightness that make them a few wines with friends and friendly gastronomy.

Stresses Joaquin Rebolledo Mencia 2012 , " strong and elegant way, led by a great acidity and tannin shy , but this cast . Of which you 'll end up a bottle ,and more! " 

I thank David Seijas , considered one of the best sommeliers , the words dedicated to the Galician wines and in particular the Valdeorras.

Source: Vinetur

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