Friday, January 20, 2012

Rib of Beef from Bandeira with poached squash and mature cheese from Arzúa

 In the following video we present to you a gastronomic proposal for this weekend: Rib of Beef from Bandeira with poached squash and mature cheese from Arzua. This recipe arrives to us thanks to Alberto González Plelcic, a "Grupo Nove" member and the kitchen chief of the Restaurant "Silario", located in Tui. And to the perfect pairing for this dish, Alberto recommends us a Mencia of the DO Valdeorras.

Alberto González Prelcic presents himself as a cook of “formation and vocation”, highlighting that:

"Three are the key points why I chose cooking as a way of life: first, the family model, watching my mother cooking everyday; second, mi education at the Hotel Management School of Galicia, where I laid the foundations of my profession. Third, my stage at Casa Solla, where cooking became not just my profession, but also my passion. My stages at other kitchens and the courses I made enhanced these first 3 basic ingredientes until I found myself inmersed in this proyect that makes me feel excited and enthusiastic... like a little child that learns to write with the help of a "silabario" (a "silabario" is an old notebook to learn to write)".

“Silabario” is the name of the restaurant located in the border region of Tui, where Alberto develops his great cooking ability and all his knowledge on this issue.

"Silabario was and old notebook to learn to write. Like a little child at school, at our restaurant we start from the basis of traditional cuisine: slowly cooked stews, oak ember barbecues, traditional confectionery... and we adapt our dishes to modern times. Our cuisine is basically galician, influenced by our environment, but with the portuguese border so close, you can find some hints of portuguese cuisine in our dishes". 

As follows Alberto presents this recipe

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