Friday, November 12, 2010

Remarkable hospitality of the D.O. Valdeorras in Catalonia

The event held yesterday at the Hotel Palace in Barcelona, attended by more than five hundred people, is described as a success by the Regulatory Town Council, wineries, and more importantly, attendees.

The more than five hundred attendees at the event held yesterday in Barcelona, split between professionals, leading figures from the High hostelry, distribution, associations of  Sommelier and people standing have enjoyed the act and have excelled in quality noted Valdeorras wines.

The event which took as a remarkable opening to the public in general, has highlighted the great work being done from the Control Board on promotional wines DO. If only a month ago, was made the presentation in New York, yesterday touched her once to Barcelona, which has given a great response to these wines. So, Christina Martin, a native of Barcelona tells us "I have several years following the high quality of these wines, year after year did not stop to amaze me of the great improvements that are made from the cellars. Hopefully events like this repeated many times over. "

In addition, Cristina, who was present at the ceremony with her sister Helena, entertains the entire family of The Mother of Wine nurtured a number of photos of the event.

Thank you very much, Cristina!
Thank you very much, Helena!

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