Thursday, November 18, 2010

Valdeorras presented in A Coruña the open tasting

Among the events of VI Wines and Spirits of Galicia, the DO Valdeorras shown to the public, through its technical director Jorge Mazaira, Valdeorras wines.

Like the rest of Appellations of Origin Galicia, today's turn to offer a tasting open to Valdeorras in "Puerto Leisure Centre", A Coruña. Their technical director Jorge Mazaira, display the qualities of the wines valdeorras to all those persons on the spot. This event is part  of the acts of  VI Show Wines and Spirits of Galicia, which celebrates its more important day on Saturday in Palexco.

The Saturday Show was the venue for the public presentation of the research is taking place in wine aging in oak Galicia, and in the cellar valdeorresa is involved.

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