Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The technical director D.O. Valdeorras describes the preparation of the "Jewel in the Crown": The Toast wines of Valdeorras

Photo by Rosa Veiga
As we said Jorge Mazaira, head coach of Valdeorras Regulatory Council, the trial started two years ago is gaining strength in recent months

The meticulously detailed and delicate process should follow an extensive and thorough study, since as we forward Jorge:

"First you must set the times of dried grape to produce brown. During this process you should carefully consider the variation of phenolic compounds to be defining the final flavor, and so, to discern if they come when drying or fermentation and aging.

Later we will analyze the aromatic compound to evaluate the possible evolution of time in order to define the aromatic profile of sweet raisin wine grapes.

Another detail that should be highlighted in the analysis is the visual study to differentiate grape raisin grapes and grapes hanging in box.

And finally mind, the whole test is repeated several times to remove the random factor "

With this laborious process attempts to retrieve a variety of wines in the area during the last century and was lost by the act of production cost for these wines bring.

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