Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Valdeorras Godello border on perfection according to the experts

"As sortes 2009" in the winery Rafael Palacios, achieved a score of 99, issued by the Proensa Guide.

Experts have been provided with very high scores to Valdeorras Godellos . If "As Sortes 2009" could touch the perfection with a score of 99 points by Proensa experts , "Louro do Bolo", in the same wells and developed with 92% Godello and 8% Treixadura , he was only 5 points less with a score of 94. The winery Rafael Palacios was accompanied by Guitián which is given to their wines "lees Guitián 2009 "," Guitián 2008 "and " Guitián 2009 "scores of 96, 94 and 93 points respectively.

Meanwhile, the famous wine critic Stephen Tanzer again include the Godello "Louro do Bolo 2009" on his list with a score of 91 points, accompanied, in this case by Godello Valdesil with a score of  90 points.

No stranger to the wine industry worldwide on the boom that is taking the wine made with Godello, and  different D.O.  Spanish are betting on the export and local implementation of this variety. Act that the Regulatory Council of Valdeorras taken with total calm, stating that this variety is very sensitive and need special conditions, and noting that the quality of Galician godellos, especially Valdeorras, is a collection of climate, soils and grape. U.S. specialists confirm the fact that after a thorough follow-up on the subject.

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