Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The DO Valdeorras wineries invite you to enjoy its open doors day the next May 26

 To mark the celebration of the open doors day, included within the promotional events of the Valdeorras Wine Route, several wineries attached to this DO will open their doors to offer to the public the excellence of their wines and the magic of their installations. 

Twelve of the most prestigious wineries attached to the seal of quality that is part of the DO Valdeorras, will open their doors to the public to offer some of the most fashionable and prestigious wines in the international wine scene. 

Besides tasting the excellent wines, those interested can visit the installations of production and processing of the wines. The visit will be completed by the offering of typical meals and "tapas" from the region.

The Wineries that can be visited are: 

You can expand information about these wineries by clicking on their names 

To complete the offer, some of the most important gastronomic centers and restaurants in the district, offer to the visitors two delicious menus, prepared exclusively for this event and composed for the most prestigious meals of the region. All these meals can be enjoy for a adsequible price of 25 euros for adults and 10 euros for children under 12 years. 

The restaurants and gastronomic centers that offer this service are: 

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In addition, attendees can know one of the most interesting natural areas of the Iberian Peninsula, visiting the nearest mountains of Manzaneda ski station and Peña Trevinca, the natural parks of "A Lastra" and "A Enciña", the Romans archaeological remains as Portomourisco Bridge and Éntoma bridge and also the important architectural centers as the picturesque village of "O Bolo" and one of the masterpieces of Spanish baroque collection, the Shrine of "As Ermidas".

Can you lose this marvelous proposal?! 

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