Tuesday, January 4, 2011

O Barco opens its Snacks and wine route

From this weekend until the January 22, a date that coincides with the Fair of Botelo, thirty establishments in O Barco promote its Snacks and wine route.

26 bars and cafes and 4 restaurants promoted in these early days of 2011 the recovery snacks and wine route in the village valdeorresa. With this initiative, where those who wish may enjoy the wines in the company of traditional and innovative cooking skewers, opens a cuisine for the locals and visitors to the area.

Since the typical tortilla until zorza puree and egg, passing the famous botelo, beans with clams, roast beef jerky and cheese, skewered octopus, cotofello, scones and pancakes stuffed pregnant among others, the chefs of these bars, restaurants and cafes will make every effort to satisfy the most demanding palates always at prices more than recommended.

To facilitate the location of the premises, and in turn provide a route you can taste all these dishes, the organization made available to anyone who wants hundreds of plans for not to miss this great initiative.

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