Monday, January 3, 2011

Celebrating 2011. Happy New Year family!

We have a good year of four seasons balanced
where land, air and vineyards celebrate the most perfect of marriages.

Referring to that, once again, in this 2011 that begins, "the mother of wine" will be with you celebrating, informing, debuting and sharing a whole universe news
related to the wineries and their wines, around one of the most pluralistic and diverse cultures that exist in the world: the culture of wine.

In that sense we were released remembering what already proposed, the videos of the homepage that were part of the News, 2010, are now available to Internet users in the pages that correspond to its reference titles:

Thus, the presentation of New York is the News of the Regulatory Council, the descent of the Sil River and Sculptors Tremiñan in "fiesta" and craftwork
and Pruning, Grafting and Winemaking process in Cycle of wine, corresponding to the Guaratee of Origin.

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