Friday, August 26, 2011

Valdeorras prepares to welcome "La Vuelta 2011"

The next August 31, the region of Valdeorras prepares to welcome the eleventh stage of the Ciclying Tour of Spain 2011, which will begin in the neighboring region of Monterrei and will tour the region of Valdeorras, concluding with an exciting end in the Manzaneda Ski Station.

"La vuelta" returns to Galicia after the last departure of Vigo in 2007 with a very exciting and selective stage, formed by four very demanding mountain ports distributed throughout the day.

The start of the stage will take place in the village of Verin at 12:40 pm with a diferred start and which is going to tour the N-550 to A Gudiña, where it's going to take the turning to the OU-553 to enter into the region of Valdeorras. The stage is going to pass through the towns of Viana do Bolo, A Veiga, O Barco de Valdeorras, Vilamartín and A Rua to reach a demanding and exciting final stage in a Mountain pass, that hasn't still hold a competition like this.

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The Manzaneda Ski Station, with its thirty kilometres of ascent, is the highest and most emblematic peak in the Central mountain range of Ourense and is expected to cause changes in the overall standings with the emergence of new figures to dispute "La Roja". The Nibali, Rodriguez, Chavanel, Escarponi, Sastre, Nieve, Antón ... and all the bulk of the squad that makes up this "Vuelta 2011", will have to play a full part in this demanding stage to keep their options to get the final victory in Madrid.

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 But all the effort involved in this demanding sport, it's sure to be rewarded by the heat of the attending audience form Ourense and particulary from Valdeorras, that either form the roadside or from their carefully tended wineyards, while gathering the appreciated and fantastic fruit  harvested with effort and sacrifice over the year, will give all their support to athletes in a historical stage that also augurs a historic harvest in 2011.

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