Monday, August 22, 2011

The grape harvest that is coming brings with it a bumper and excellent harvest.

 The forwardness of the harvest, conditioned by the good weather in recent months, promises to be historic in terms of quantity and quality in Galicia.

Several media pick up the general feeling of the Galician growers under the words "possibly, the best crop in history". The weather influence that has marked Galicia since spring, is about to give the forecasted rain for the next days. This will allow that producers can establish the exact date of the beginning of the collection, that is awaited to be abundant in quantity and quality criteria.

While several Rías Baixas’ guarantees of quality, as the case of Ribeira Sacra, have already defined the beginning of the harvest by  the end of August,  Ribeiro and Valdeorras are still waiting a little longer as to improve in the quantity and the quality, as well as they're looking for the awaited rain, that could define a historical crop in their respectives areas.

On criteria of quantity, the overall feeling of the most of Galician DO is that this year it's going to surpass the record of 2006, reaching an amount that approaches or even exceeds the 50 million kilograms of grapes harvested. Of these, the wine cellars attached to the Council of the Designation of the Gaurantee of Quality Valdeorras are expected to contribute with an amount that will exceed 6 million kilograms, far exceeding the amount collected last season.

On the othe hand, the quality will not be left behind, as it is defined by having a ripe fruit and be in optimal health conditions. In this regard, the regulator DO Consello Valdeorras  has made ​​public that the strains have are a number of heavy load, while guaranteeing optimum quality and a fruit with a state of advanced maturity and perfect conditions for producing excellent wines. It's just awaited that the rainfall forecasts are fulfilled, to get a harvest that is expected to be excellent and plentiful.

While the weather helped all Galician DO, irrigating with rain when it was necessary and maturing the fruit with the suitable sun, the most damaged wineries of this year seem to be the ones of the DO Monterrei, as many producers have been unable to stop in time the disease commonly known as "Balrog", which has reduced the production to the similar quantities that were reached in the last campaign of  the year 2010, and which means that the amount of grapes collected will be about 2 million kilograms.

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