Thursday, August 11, 2011

Know, one by one, all the wineries participating in the XIV Valdeorras Wine Fair

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Know, one by one, all the wineries that will participate with its own stand at the Valdeorras Wine Fair and that will join the XII tasting of Valdeorras wines.

As the XIV Valdeorras Wine Fair, will be held next 13 and August 14, "The Mother of the Wine" shows you all the wineries that will take part in it with its own stand, and which will be able to be visited by all the attendees.

Through this post you can access the Website of each of the wineries participating in the XIV edition of the Wine Valdeorras, having the opportunity to learn firsthand about their products, information, online shop, offers ethnologic tourism, as well as all the awards and lofty qualities of the guarantee of origin of Valdeorras, as one of the most highlighted wine of the international wine scene in recent years.

The participating wineries are:

Roandi S.A.T wine cellar


Under the recognition and protection of the Ministry for Rural Affairs, participants may exhibit two of their wines to a group of experts, which will assess them as a part of the XII tasting the wine fair of Valdeorras.
The pretasting, which will be held today, between six or ten wines per class (white and red) will be selected, to be tasted again tomorrow in the final ceremony. Out of this final tasting there will be three winners, which will be announced at the official dinned that will take place tomorrow night at the fairgrounds.

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