Wednesday, August 31, 2011

13 wines of the D.O. Valdeorras distinguished by Sommeliers from Galicia

 Yesterday were made ​​public the awaited marks. These were provided by the Galician Association of Sommeliers "Gallaecia" which, after a double tasting in different D.O. in Galicia over the months of June, July and August, yesterday performed the final tasting where the winners recieved the distinguished Gallaecia 2011, an award recognized by the Ministry for Rural Affairs of Spain.

Out of the 21 wines that the D.O. Valdeorras selected in the initial tasting, held at the headquarters of the Regulatory Council of this D.O, 13 have been awarded. This has been a selection defined by the President of the Galician Association of Sommeliers, Mercedes Gonzalez, as "a very tight one", adding that "it was sad to leave some out, but you can not reward all them, as it would lose stringency".

 To highlight the professionalism and thoroughness of these awards, the final tasting is done with samples collected directly from the market. As Mercedes tries to clarify us "for the final tasting we take samples directly from the market to ensure that the consumer will buy what we have tasted, and this is the reason why we certify the batch".

Regarding the final result of what was tasted, she emphasize as a differential aspect, compared to other years, that "the wines are evolving faster than other years because we have had a dry summer, and then the freshness has been a little more camouflaged and the acidity a little hidden". She noted the variety "crianza"  as "a very long-lived wines, keeping their variety".

The wines of the D.O. Valdeorras awarded with the prize "Gallaecia" are:
(You can know them first-hand by clicking on them)

White Wines


Red Wines


Erebo 2010 / Carballal

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