Friday, September 2, 2011

The internationally renowned chef Eric Ripert Yorker, exalts in his television program "Perfect Pairings" the Valdeorras mencia's wine Casal Novo

 Eric Ripper, chef winner of three Michelin stars and four New York Time stars is a great philanthropist, actively involved in helping the needy of New York. Morover, he presents an awarded cooking show in which the Valdeorras mencia's variety "Casal Novo" has been included, like the perfect match for dishes and meals with intense flavor.

Eric Ripert is the executive chef and co-owner of one of the largest U.S. restaurants, Le Bernardin, who settled in New York in 1986 after its foundation in Paris in 1972. Furthermore, he has presented several television "cooking shows" that have won major awards in the audiovisual international market. To all this, we must add his great philanthropic work for the most needy, giving a large daily amount of qualified products for free through the organization City Harvest.

Through one of his greatest TV hits "Perfect Pairings", known by taking away from the culinary topics that characterize the international cuisine, Ripper shows us the Casal Novo wine, a young wine that belongs to the DO Valdeorras, as a perfect companion to intensive flavored  and fine food.
This program breaks with the topic that a young wine can not accompany strong flavors, intending to prove that they are the perfect complement. So he presents the "Casal Novo" as a wine "light" but with a great exquisiteness, that keeps the acidity and freshness needed to counteract intense flavors, such as the high deli sausages shown in the video.

This young wine, soft and spiced, in words from the same Ripert is "the most successful combination to accompany a meal of intense flavors with friends", pointing out that  "definitely, we need a young wine with body and personality to match with those dishes of intense taste and thus achieve an harmonious and proportionate balance of flavors. "

It is not a coincidence that this great chef has chosen a wine belonging to the DO Valdeorras among the immensity of young wines offered by the market; and it's that if the winegrowes of this region have a great knowledge about something, this must be about combinations and pairings exquisite wines with high deli sausages and other intense flavor foods, such as the well-known Botelo of Valdeorras.

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