Friday, August 19, 2011

The single variety Sousón, a jewel to be exploited.

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Galicia, land of amazing wines, great diversity of terroir, climate, heights and hundreds of native varieties, lost and forgotten by the fashion and trends.

One is these is the magnificent red variety Sousón. This is one of the most difficult varieties to grow. One of the difficulties is that it is a long cycle one, which means it reaches its optimum ripeness in October. Furthermore, we must add that it is very sensitive to sudden changes in temperature, sunlight, pests, rain and autumn frost, and all them condition its development. The clusters are small sized and conical shape, with its shoulders very compacted, skin thin and very bloom. Of course all this fragility and delicacy combined with its high content in tannins and acidity make up these red elegant wines, with the subtlety of its grapes which few are able to boast, as they are ripe and have and intense bouquet of powerful aromas.

However, those days to put aside the varieties that used to give problems were left behind and we can be very proud of the efforts made by the Galician winemakers to recover the local varieties, which are surprising and seducing the most demanding palates of the world wine scene.

Until recently it was unthinkable to find a 100% single varietty of wine Sousón, and even it may seem strange, since the usual practice was to use this range as complementary to other varieties.

Wines made from the variety Sousón, with a uniqueness that is worthwhile to be drunk and appreciated.

Caco Cuvée 2007 VX Sousón, of the Coto de Gomariz Winery is a great example of the consolidation of this noble variety. Xosé Luis Sebi is the winemaker who directs this amazing creation and perhaps the man who best knows the behavior of this strain.

Quinta Muradella Sausón is developed by José Luis Mateo. This man is undoubtedly one of the young winemakers that with his very little wine production, is achieving the perfection the terroir and native varieties.

Viñaredo Sousón, afterwards the recovery of small plots of Sousón strain, born this unique wine cellar located in Santa Marta, a beautiful town of Valdeorras, led by the winemaker José Moreno Galindo. Despite being its second vintage, it can be seen that there is great potential on it.

Although Sousón is a gem to explore, with these three great examples of different terroirs already consolidated, it seems to be clear that return to the past is the best innovation.

Considering that today wine is made in almost all corners of the world and also that the consumer is increasingly sophisticated, knowledgeable and want to enjoy, have fun and try wines that express the terroir identity, there's where Galicia has a great role because it has a great diversity of native varieties, climate, soil and so on.

And do we must not forget that in a bottle of wine, regardless the grape variety and the area where is developed, there is something else inside, which is our culture, climate, rivers, the smells of the slopes, in short our way of living and understanding the wine.

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