Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The winery Maria Teresa Nuñez Vega gives the starting signal for the grape harvest 2011 in Valdeorras

 The high temperatures recorded as well as the combination of Atlantic and Mediterranean winds, have led to the optimal ripening of the grapes in the vineyards of the Maria Teresa Nunez Vega winery, located in the town of Petín at the Valdeorras region.

Although the bulk of wineries belonging to the DO Valdeorras will still have to wait at least another week, the excellent fruit ripening, driven by the optimal weather that has characterized the season in Valdeorras, has predisposed that this wine cellar, based in the town of Petín, to kick off the 2011 grape harvest.

Sunday began with the preparations and this Monday morning around 2,000 kilos of godello were collected, which include "its high quality 'and a graduation of around 13 degrees.

The winery of Petín expects to end up the collection of the two varieties' grape production in 15 days; these are Godello and Mencía, and they hope to collect around 47.000 kilos. 'We maintain that the figures will be more and less the same than the last year ones, although there may be an increase of 10% ", says Celestino Noveira, co-owner of the winery and winemaker of Bioca.

From the Regulatory Council, it has been emphasized that the intense heat experienced in this region during the spring months has helped that now, in the month of August, the harvest  has had to be brought forward. Although traditionally, the Regulatory Council has always set the date for the grape harvest during the early September, this year, the 35-degree temperatures experienced during most of August and the combination of Atlantic and Mediterranean winds, have favored this advancement.

Jorge Mazaira, technical director of the Regulatory Council of the D.O. Valdeorras, ensures that the harvest of this year will exceed 'without doubt'  the 5.5 million kilos that were collected last year. "We have and will have a good production and a very good harvest in quantity and quality", says Mazaira.

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