Wednesday, August 3, 2011

13 and August 14 meeting with the Fair Wine of Valdeorras

Are confirmed dates for the fourteenth edition of the Fair of the Wine of Valdeorras the next 13 and 14 August.

Once again the banks of the river Sil,  in the recreational area of ​​O Aguillón located in the town of A Rúa, will host a new edition of the Fair of the Wine of Valdeorras.

After the prolific reception both nationally and internationally for the wines belonging to the DO Valdeorras, it's time to introduce the excellence of these wines in its purest essence transmitted by it´s land.

Like this, the town of A Rúa will dress  of party the next days 13 and 14 August to receive the flower and cream of the wineries of Valdeorresas that will present it´s excellences in the most professional fair of the wine in the region of Valdeorras. And that better place to realise such celebration that in a frame of incomparable beauty situated to the banks of the river Sil, source of life that enriches this land.

If from United States to Russia, crossing Europe and seating solid bases in the Asian continent, have already surrendered to the excellence of these wines,are you going to lose taste them in first person? 

Since the region provides a large ethno-tourism offer, all wine lovers can enjoy these wines as the maximum expression and reflection of a land.

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