Friday, July 29, 2011

110 Galician Wines in the pantheon 2011 of Robert Parker

110 Galician wines, between which play a paper stood out the wines of the D.O. Valdeorras, enter in the selection 2011 of Robert Parker in "The Wine Advocate".

Presence prolific of the Galician wines in the publication Robert Parker´s "The Wine Advocate" that have managed to position of 110 wines in the pantheon of the wines of the American Guru.

The big work realised by the 5.029 viticultores ascribed to  the DO Rías Baixas,  which are divided  in four zones differentiated with a total of cellars that surpass the 160 wineries, follow occupying a place stood out with 51 wines selected. 

By his side the D.O. Valdeorras, with a significantly lower number of wineries, is positioned in a more than creditable second place with 34 wines selected, of which 26 have achieved to surpass the barrier of the 90 points, figure that separates the remarkable of the excellent for Robert Parker. This fact comes given by the proliferation of the godello and the mencía of the region of Valdeorras in the North American market of the that comes  giving fulfilled account in the last years from the profesional sector.

In third place finds DO Riberia Sacra, with 19 wines of which 16 have achieved to surpass the 90 points; followed to a considerable distance by the D.O. Younger of Galicia, Monterrei, that with his 25 cellars has achieved to include 4 wines in the edition 2011 of "The Wine Advocate".

The big victim by Robert Parker in this edition has been the D.O. Ribeiro, only attaining include 2 wines between the best of 2011.

Although the assessments have not closed  definite, and maybe it can appear some surprise, not foresee substantial modifications in this listing.

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