Thursday, October 13, 2011

Official data from the harvest 2011 in Valdeorras

Art: La Región
 The wineries of the Valdeorras Guarantee of Origin closed their doors at the entrance of grapes on Sunday. Until then, the Valdeorras Regulatory Council had registered 7,627,358 kilos of grapes. Waitting for a final confirmation, we have to go back to 2006 to find a larger harvest of 7,710,859 kilos.

The Council records also enable to observe sharp increases in the preferred varieties production, particulary godello grapes (2,731,594 kilos) and Mencia (2,178,777). The favorable weather also affected to the Jerez harvest (967,090) and Alicante (1,725,125), dividing 24,772 remaining kilos among the varieties merenzao, alvarellos, sousón and tempranillo.

Weather conditions were decisive for the 75% production increase of the last harvest, compared with the previos one (4,355,084 kilos). "We have had a large harvest because of the weather conditions. We haven't had to deal with many problems that we had before, when we had to hurry not to lose the harvest " said José Luis García Pando, president of the Reguladory Council.

The last harvest productions highlight the progress of the preferred varieties, mainly mencía and godello compared with sherry and alicante. In 2000, before it started the restructuring program of the vineyard, the harvest was closed with the following productions: godello (1,690,091 kilos), mencía (997,012), jerez (1,760,204) and Alicante (2,865,614 ). According to José Luis García, the grants received, that exceeded in some cases the 80% of the costs of pulling off the the old vines and their replacement by other varieties, helped to achieve this change.

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