Thursday, October 20, 2011

The D.O. Valdeorras is committed to the quality of its vineyards

  1The decreasing number of vineyards hectares and the strong increase of the land extension of preferred varieties, show the clear commitment of the DO Valdeorras to substantiate his defining criteria on quality aspects.

As proved, the newspaper "La Región" has collected the following information provided by the Regulatory Council:

"The 1,300 hectares of 11 years ago have turned into the current 1,159. Furthermore, there has been a significantly increase of the vineyards extention of godello and Mencia, which went from 206 and 132 to 286 and 274 hectares respectively. Additionaly, the vineyards of Alicante and Jerez have dropped from 582 and 307 to 235 and 139 hectares respectively. "

The grants, the labor specialization and the international leadership have garnered the preferred qualities. And now these are the leaders of this commitment which has been rewarded in recent years by a relentless rain of awards, both nationally and internationally.

Meanwhile, from the technical department of the Regulatory Council, an important research is being held in several directions, an information that has been given through this blog. The investigation of the wine in Galician oak , the development of the toasted wine of Valdeorras and a possible future production of Cava, are some of the projects that keep our expectations of an encouraging future for the DO Valdeorras.

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