Monday, December 12, 2011

The international industry praises the enological revolution of Valdeorras with an imports increase of 93%

The cellars of the Valdeorras Guaranty of quality almost doubled its exports in 2011, comparing with the previous year. The volume of 166,469 liters sold abroad is 93% greater than 86,196 liters of 2010, according to the data gathered by the Regulatory Council of the bottlers. Only the period of 2007, with 209,577 liters, is larger than this last campaign.

As for the types of wines exported, 106,757 liters were of the white variety and 59,712 were red wines. These figures show the good period of the godello variety, which are the grapes that top the consumers' preferences of the above two named varieties.

The American continent is the largest market for valdeorras wineries. To this land were sent 68,643 liters. More than half, 47,022 liters, were white. This variety has found in the U.S. market an intenresting customer, by consuming 42,262 liters. The European Union, with 42,327 liters, ranks the second in the list of importers. Generally, buyers show a strong preference for whites, as shown by the acquisition of 38,599 liters of such wines. By the contrary, the rest of Europe prefers the red wines,with a purchase of 28,868 liters of this variety.

United States and Switzerland, with 49,834 and 31,845 liters respectively, are the largest importers. This fact fully justifies the foreign cities chosen by the Regulatory Council to present their wines. On October 24th, a dozen cellars presented their wines in Zurich (Switzerland). Five months earlier, on May 19th, seven bottlers brought their wines to the 'Great Match' in Dallas (USA).

"The promotional events organized by the Council were scheduled for those countries that reflect the major exports and have a larger number of purchases', said the President of the Valdeorras Regulatory Council, Jose Luis Garcia Pando.

The Regulatory Council refers to a favorable combination of 'quality, price, raw material and development' to justify the wines' success of the Guarantee of Origin. A proof of this are the awards and the mentions by enology experts. The last success was achieved by the "Godeval winery" for its wine 'Godeval 2010'. It was ranked in the 71st position of the 100 best wines in the world by the prestigious American magazine 'Wine Spectator', being the only Spanish white wine.

"It's not a surprising. We had already been highly valued, "said Horacio Fernandez Presa, Godeval's technical director. The Valdeorras' winery has its major markets in the U.S., Canada, China, Japan and the UK, exporting 40% of a production of 150,000 bottles. This percentage exceeds widely 4% the production intended for exports.

For its part, the Valdeorras' winery 'A Coroa' is well-consolidated in Asia, getting a remarkable silver medal in the contest named "Best Spanish wines to Asia", held in Hong Kong. Thus, the Valdeorras godello achieved a deserved recognition for its quality, standard-bearer for the effort that some wineries have been doing over several years by to be known in new markets.

As this happens, the commitment of the DO Valdeorras with its followers is evident with new mariage bets, so you can enjoy with these magnificent wines at its finest essence.

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