Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The young wine white "A Coroa", belonging to the DO Valdeorras, winner of the most important wine competition in Germany

Berliner Wine Tropy , a prestigious wine international event and is supported by the European Union, the International Organisation of Wine and the German Senate, has awarded three Galician wines, among which is the Young White of A Coroa´s wineries .

"Sameirás 2009" of the D.O. Ribeiro and "Alma de Blanco 2009" of the D.O. Monterrei join "A Coroa" young wine white, to receive this prestigious international recognition that hovers Galician whites as one of the most appreciated beyond our borders. And is not trivial the great appreciation that Galician wines whites have around the world, where DO Valdeorras is making a deserved preferential position with its Godellos, that, whether from Spain or elsewhere, do not stop to collect awards.

From the mother of wine we present this wine "A Coroa" as one of the largest and most renowned wines of Galicia, made with an elegant Godello able to delight the most discerning palates. In this award must be added the most significant national recognition, the Golden Bacchus, who has taken this year sole representative of the Galician wines, plus 98 points awarded by the Galician Association of Tasters and the Distinguished Gallaecia 2010.

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