Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Of the healing powers of wine

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For thousands of years wine has been attributed to various healing properties. Through this post, always based on moderate and responsible consumption, we try to bring some of the beneficial properties of its enjoyment to its consumers.

Beyond the pleasure involved accompany a meal with good wine, there is evidence that moderate consumption of this product helps protect the heart, strengthens the metabolism, aids digestion, helps maintain and care for joints and according to recent studies, even longer life.

From the 70's began to study the beneficial properties that had a moderate consumption of wine, no more than 750 ml per day for males, no more than 500ml per day for females, reducing to no more than two or three glasses for the elderly. All in all, it was a conclusion quite popular among various researchers, persons performing moderate wine consumption have a mortality risk 37% lower than nondrinkers. Science becomes almost fair to attribute to the therapeutic use of wine the following properties:

- Tranquilizers.
- Vasodilators.
- Energy.
- Diuretic.
- enabler of intestinal fat absorption.
- Generation of HDL increased, more popularly known as good cholesterol.
- Your polyphenols help save vitamin C.
- Synthesizers of collagen in the walls of the arteries, which helps keep them elastic and resilient.

With all, from the Mother of wine advise you the responsible consumption in order to continue providing with you for many, many, years.

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