Monday, February 27, 2012

Traditional Galician cuisine and Valdeorras wines continue to reasserting their twinning thanks to Benigno Campos and Jorge Mazaira

Yesterday, within the activities under the Santiago Gastronomic Forum 2012, the prolific chef Benigno Campos, who beats records on TV with the culinary program "Larpeiros", exalted the peculiarities of the Galician cuisine in the company of Jorge Mazaira, technician responsible for the Regulatory Council of Valdeorras.

In a day in which the traditional Galician cuisine showed again a strong twinning with the Valdeorras wines, Benigno Campos, cheff of the kitchen program which is succeeding on the Galician small screen, "Larpeiros," guided his presentation at the Santiago Gastronomic Forum in company of the technical director of the CRDO Valdeorras, Jorge Mazaira. Both highlighted the peculiarities that make the Galician gastronomy and wines as a hallmark of this generous land.

Jorge Mazaira and Benigno Campos
With products "made in Galicia" as hallmark, some of the most fashionable wines in the international sector showed their excellences in combination with several typical products. In this way, it was reasserted the close involvement generated by the Regulatory Council of Valdeorras with the Galician cuisine, within a framework which aims to showcase the highest ranks internationally obtained that qualify Valdeorras wines as "enological revolution of the 21st century ".

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