Friday, March 2, 2012

The international wine trend is committed with fresh and light wines that invite to drink

The new culinary trends are driving a paradigm shift in the wine world. The search for fresh and light wines that replace those more powerful, open a new and very promising field of maneuver for the Galician wines.

The new culinary trends, based on the subtlety of flavors, reaffirm their international commitment with fresh and light wines that invite to drink. This propensity has settled internationally in countries with a strong wine culture, ranging from the hand of culinary refinement. Thus, it is not unusual that in the U.S., France and Italy, among many other countries, this new trend is established since several years.

Spain is an atypical case. As maker of one of the best wines in the world, consumption is reduced to just over 16 liters per person per year. One of the lowest figures in the European community.

What is failing to produce this?

There are many opinions concerning this case. Redound, a large majority in the loss of the traditional custom of eating with wine. With this reference there is a new question that could be stated as follows:

Does the new kitchen which takes place in Spain is not in line with the traditional bottled wine consumption?.

The answer comes almost unanimously by the most prestigious Spanish avant-garde chefs and summarized in the headline of this article.

Spanish wine consumption has to shift to a softer product, reaffirming in this way, as a complement to our delicious cuisine.

The logical evolution leads to fresh and elegant wines, which, in turn, do not mask the subtlety of the food as seasoning essential to achieving greater enjoyment of the dishes. A wine in a glass that invites you to drink another, avoiding a result of heaviness.

Spanish winemakers large groups are aware of this and have begun to focus their tendency toward this new horizon. Now, it can only be presented to the consumer this option that surely will be a more than notable form.

Meanwhile, in Galicia, the producers have been working for a long time following this pattern. This fact is a true reflection of the widespread triumph of Galician wines internationally. An example of this is shown by the gastronomic guru Eric Ripert .

A step further, with an eye in the near future, shows us that soon it will be spoken about a revolution in winemaking, in which, as it has been commenting on this blog for several months, the names of Galician Apellation of origin, in general, and Valdeorras in particular, will play a role in the new wine world culture.

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