Monday, March 19, 2012

Pepe Solla, accompanied by some of the greatest exponents of the avant-garde cuisine, analyzes trends in wine-gastronomic evolution.

Pepe Solla, nominee to the III  Millesime Cheff Award, is one of the leading representatives of the Spanish avant-garde cuisine, and accompanied by some of the most prolific representative cooks of the Grupo Nove, they talk about the new international trend in wine embodied in the Valdeorras wines.

In the video accompanying this article, all lovers of wine and gastronomy could know some opinions of the most outstanding representatives of the Spanish avant-garde cuisine and international; as reported by the Michelins stars from which most of the speakers are creditors.

As an introduction to this video, we are delighted to present to you that man which is described by many as "one of the most important and promising Spanish chefs right now," Pepe Solla. As it will be done with the other participants in the video over the next few days, is our intend to honour "Pepe" Solla in the day of his holy, showing the qualities that identify him as an authority on the International Vanguard cuisine.

Pepe Solla has acquired so many experiences in such a short period of time for two reasons: he is a natural and he’s been in a constant search for perfectionism and personal maturity. He inherited from his parents their interest for the progress of the Galician cuisine, and when he started as sommelier he discovered he had a talent for cooking and to combine the dishes. As a result of his compromise with the cause, he offers to his guest well-finished products and also open spaces like the elegant and minimalist dining room and the comfortable lounge.

This defines his relationship with the kitchen:

"After so many years, here I am. When we were children our parents left us in the stairs that comunicated the kitchen and the dining room, they gave us some bread and we waited for them while they were working... ... we saw them going in and out with steaming pots. Their rythm was fast, sometimes very fast, while we ate our bread and fell asleep. At the end of the day they took us home in their arms. The story kept going every year. On winter the stairs where cold and they put a tablecloth on it to avoid getting cold and inside the kitchen the coal store heated all the room. It is not a uncommon story. Those of us who grew up in the family restaurant took two directions: half of them left that world forever, the other half didn’t. As you can see, I’m part of the second half. Those who know about my professional career the last 14 years could see that this restaurant is part of me and I’m part of it. As we were fitting in each other we were getting rid of the unnecessary and we kept just the essential, both in the kitchen and the dining room. We looked for clarity. It is not minimalism, it is simplicity. Sometimes I’m afraid people don’t understand that simplicity: I try to leave just the essence. I would like to thank Maite, Alfredo, Marcelo, Josiño, mis parents and siblings, José, Lourdes... they have accompanied me in this journey. In the end, we are all influenced by our environment, scenery, larder and people, they are also part of our universe and they share it; a universe we change and that changes us".
Pepe Solla

And as promised, here we show you the analysis that the Grupo Nove members present about the new oenological and gastronomic trends - gourmet of the vanguard international cuisine.

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