Friday, March 23, 2012

Cured sardines with Padron peppers and dressed tomatoes

 This weekend, the avant-garde Galician cuisine,through the notable chef of the Grupo Nove Javier Olleros, aims to break all the schemes with the recipe that offers us exclusively: "Cured sardines with Padron peppers and dressed tomatoes" paired with a Mencia of the DO Valdeorras. Through this exquisite recipe, Javier proposes us a vision of the elegance in cuisine, that you could enjoy at home or at his restaurant named "Culler de Pau".

The enviable culinary formation of Javier Olleros is summarized in the following lines:

Kitchen School of Santiago de Compostela. Javi Olleros belongs to a family with a long hotel tradition from O Grove. He inherited the profession from his father, a cook emigrated to Switzerland, and the good work from his mother, owners of Hotel Mar Atlantico, at O Grove. During the four months the hotel was closed, Javi made stages in kitchens here and there. He was at Casa Solla, at Toñi Vincente, with Arola at La Broche (Madrid), with Martin Berasategui at Bica do Sapato (Lisbon), Balzac (Madrid), Zallo Barri (Gernika), and he finished his stages in the world of Seiji Yamamoto (Tokyo). He was 4 years trying to do something until he decided to set up his own restaurant. Culler de Pau

This is how the teacher of journalists, blogger and gourmet Manuel Gago defines the restaurant "Culler de Pau". (Expand your information about Manuel Gago)

"Nominated as restaurant revelation - Madrid Fusión 2010 Culler de Pau is one of the biggest surprises of the gastronomic season in Galicia. Javier Olleros has started a new and elegant adventure. You must pay close attention to this restaurant. Ten tables at an avant-garde and minimalist building. The restaurant its painted in bright white combined with wood and crystal. It has enormous windows that face the entrance of the Ria of Arousa, with views of the islets of Noro and Vionta and the original perspective of the mountain range of Barbanza. They serve a contemporary menu, simple. Timing, temperature and service are perfectly synchonized. Something unusual. The result is a cuisine with Galician roots, but with influences of all the kitchens he's been on stage. The best way to meet his cuisine is trying the degustation menu. Pay close attention to Culler de Pau. They'll set people talking. They won me over as client."

In the following video you will know how Javier Olleros presents this fantastic recipe.

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