Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Successful host of the DO Valdeorras by the public attending Alimentaria 2012

 From the Regulatory Council of the DO Valdeorras, we have heard very encouraging news in reference to the reception of the wines at Alimentaria 2012.

According to the words of the technical director Jorge Mazaira, "the participation at Alimentaria 2012 has been a success in every respect: both for the reception by the audience, who have spared no praise for Valdeorras wines, and the presence that these wines have had is the fair. Among the magnificent qualifiers received, there's been a great emphasis of the freshness, the elegance and the depth of the white’s wines, being these epithets almost unanimous among visitors ".

According to Jorge Mazaira, there's a feeling of satisfaction by the interest shown from the international sector for the Valdeorras wines. Again, the multitudes of international awards received by wineries are supported by the large welcome received in these promotional events, more personals and opened to a more heterogeneous public, where the Valdeorras wines are still causing an excellent sensation.

Stand DO Valdeorras at Alimentaria
In addition to the Regulatory Council stand, integrated into the Xunta de Galicia one and where there has been a large number of wineries of Valdeorresas, the attention of the committee of Valdeorras has wanted to show the excellence of its wines in close pairing with some of the characteristic products of the Galician region. Offering, thus, an harmonious communion of flavors that has delighted the audience.

DO Valdeorras wines paired with Galician Cheese
 Also the wineries with own stand at Alimentaria have echoed the singular notoriety that the public has shown towards the Valdeorras wines, as evidenced by the photos received from the wineries Ruchel and Godeval of the event.


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