Tuesday, March 6, 2012

DO Valdeorras and Group Nove will premiere a new cinema´s pairing.

Photo: David A. Panizo
 The DO Valdeorras release in www.dovaldeorras.tv (through which it promotes, disseminates and updates contents) the second promotional video of its wines, which eleven group members of the internationally recognized Grupo Nove (Gastronomic Group of Galicia), filmed in this land.

The new video's menu: (sardines, "Tetilla" cheese and chestnuts ) is, in words of the Chefs, a paradigama of the Galician cuisine, perfect for pairing with the wines of the DO Valdeorras.

This menu, that can be found in www.dovaldeorras.tv, WINE and GASTRONOMY section, is a "Group Nove" creation. During its presentation, theCooks, while extolling the virtues of Godellos and Mencías of Valdeorras, outstand that are wines suitable for international cuisine today; a cuisine that is increasing its demand for fresh and gourmet wines, such as the ones that belong to the DO Valdeooras, that "invite and help to eat."

The recipes, http://www.dovaldeorras.tv/Vino_Gastronomia/Vino_Gastronomia.php propose a rupture: support the first and the second dish (sardines and chestnuts) with Mencia, and the dessert ("Tetilla" cheese) with Godello, showing it as a unique recipe to pair with Toasted Valdeorras when it will be in the market.


The video, like the other two, was recorded in a typical wine-cave of the region and in one of its most emblematic and picturesque vineyards.

At the beginning of the this, another recent and unique aereal view, presents and describes a section of the Valdeorras' vineyards from heaven. And of course, the Website is broadcasted in three languages (Galician, Spanish and English) and all the audiovisual material (including three new videos) has english subtitles in the Saxon version.

Meanwhile, the international public on the Network, exclusively and through www.dovaldeorras.tv, can elaborate the unique menu of this New Video at home using Valdeorras wines, as on the Web Site are offered animated graphics that explain in detail the necessary ingredients, the process for its elaboration and its presentation, as the previous one.

The D.O. Valdeorras and the prestigious New Galician Culinary Community, show once more their cooperation for the promotion and dissemination of the Valdeorras wines and the "Avant-garde Cuisine elaborated in Galicia" offered in their own restaurants located throughout Galicia. For this, they have
cooperated in the production and realization of the three Videos under the title "A UNIVERSE IN EVERY DISH", that proclaim the extraordinary marriage between the DO wines and the avant-garde recipes of the Galician Kitchen, inspired by the traditional heritage and the high quality of this land's products.

The eleven award-winning Chefs, out of the twenty that make up the current group, www.nove.biz/ga are, from left to right on the cover photo: Pablo Romero, Yayo Daporta, Javier Olleros, Héctor Lopez, Javier Rodríguez "Tacky", Pepe Solla, Antonio Botana, Javier González, Miguel Ángel Campos, Alberto González and Iñaqui Bretal.

Enjoy this fantastic video

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