Tuesday, June 5, 2012

New North American professional wine industry awards the DO Valdeorras Godello "A Coroa 2011"

A Coroa 2011 receives a silver medal in the competition named The Best Spanish Wines for USA,  held in Miami Beach and that follows the trail of the Challenge to the Best Spanish Wines for Asia, held in 2011 in Hong Kong.

If a few days ago the professional sector leading critics of the U.S. wine industry were considering the Godello as the great promise of the spanish international wine world, yesterday arrived  new recognition that gives prevalence to the great prestige of the DO Valdeorras  in the USA market.

Again, the Godellos of the winecellar A Coroa, after being rated the best godello marketed in the USA by The New York Times, becomes the great ambassador of the Galician wines in North America, winning a silver medal in the competition The Best Spanish Wines for USA.

This award joins the following received by winery A Coroa in 2012: Gold and Silver medal at International Wine Challenge Catavinum, Silver medal at the Lyon International Wine Competition, Silver Bacchus 2012, award for excellence in Select Wine ProWein Challenge 2012 and the Tender of the monopoly market of Sweden.

The jury for this competition was composed of 20 judges, among which included importers, distributors, sommeliers and buyers of the hotel industry in the country. They took part of a blind tasting of a total of 136 wines from different appellations of origin.

Among the tasting committee members it must be highlighted the presence of the chief sommelier of the hotel Ritz Carlton Florida, Jorge Mendoza, the director of Terra Spania Wines, Antonio Gomez, or Cesar Basurto, well known buyer of the recognized  importing firm Southern Wines. The president of the jury was the drinks purchasing director of St. Regis Hotel Beverage Miami, the host institution.

 The event's success achieved in this first edition has ensured continuity, and the second installment of the USA Challenge will take place in April next year, with expectations of "increasing the number of wines participating, all these with an excellent value for money" organizers said.

To make clear the importance of the USA market in the wine industry internationally, is only necessary to skim the data received of the report made by  the Vinexpo and the International Wine & Spirits Research (IWSR), which informs that in the USA were consumed 2,800 million liters of wine during last year, a figure that puts the country ahead of wine powers like France and Italy. Moreover, prospects for growth are 10% through 2015.

This new award does nothing but reaffirm the great international prestige of the DO Valdeorras wines that, according to experts, will continue to grow in coming years to bolster the increasingly widespread  maximum which rates the wines of this DO as "the winemaking revolution of the century".


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