Friday, June 29, 2012

Fresh Bonito from Burela with a oven-dried tomato, apple and thyme vinaigrette pairing with Godello of the DO Valdeorras

Summer has arrived and with it, by courtesy of the Gastronomic Gourmet Galician "Grupo Nove" and the Regulatory Council of the DO Valdeorras, from the mother of the wine we present you an exclusive vanguard gourmet menu to enjoy, these days, of the best galician cuisine in pairing with one of the most fashionable wines in the international wine scene.

Antonio Botana, renowned chef of the Nove Group and regent of the restaurant named Pandemonium and located in Cambados (Pontevedra), offers us this typical summer recipe so that all those who so wish can enjoy in their houses of the vanguard cuisine, closely pairing with the prestige of the Valdeorras wines.

 Antonio Botana describes his cuisine as follows:

“The sensitivity, passion and knowledge must appear in capital letters in the book of this search maverick path and we understand that constant must be defined as cocina.Nos seekers that message that is inside the product. Our sole mission is to decrypt it, and it is that the more and the more we study further the closer we find excellence”.

With all this, Antonio presents his recipe as follows in this video:

The restaurant, Pandemonium, is in a project that aims to develop a cuisine based on local products and a relentless pursuit of the message that the material can be transmitted to understand this as the supreme importance of a direct access to product and study it to find its highest expression. Also known as the fundamental factors contributing to the customer of the restaurant is an experience that transcends the mere fact of cooking, as a dynamic and effective service, offering an extensive wine expectro and an image of the restaurant to complement this.

With this first recipe we open a door to invite you to discover, in the next Fridays, new culinary offerings of the avant-garde and rich cuisine of Galicia which, through "Grupo Nove", are closed with the excellence of the wines under the quality seal DO Valdeorras.



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