Monday, July 2, 2012

The new DO Valdeorras winery, José Aristegui, will present its signature wine named “El Traste” at Vinum Auria.

Source info: Winery José Aristegui / Manu Sánchez - Winery Alan de Val
 "El traste", a signature wine  of Jose Aristegui Winery, will be presented for the first at the wine meeting Auria Vinum in Ourense, organized by the Viticulture Galician Association.

Jose Aristegui Winery, after having presented its wines "Jose Aristegui Godello" and "Jose Aristegui Mencia" at the international competition of the "New Wine"-obtaining  the Bronze and Gold medals respectively-, now presents  exclusively at the Auria Vinum event in Ourense “El Traste”, a red wine selection of old wines of Grenache Tintorera aged in French oak barrels of first year.

The Grenache in Valdeorras has grown at the same time as the Mencia and the Godello. Is spite of this, in recent history this variety has been relegated to a second place to be used in ordinary wines or to increase color and structure in mixtures of reds. This variety is very widespread throughout the DO Valdeorras but, to express its full potential, requires the right terroir.

The Valdeorras wineries, including Adega Jose Aristegui, know well the vagaries of this varietal, selecting exclusively grapes from ancient vineyards on the hillsides of slate and clayey.

 It is in these vineyards where appears the impressive potential of reaching a maturation Grenache with a good balance alcohol / acidity. This variety, in combination with Mencia, makes a powerful, fresh with lot of structure, round and tasty wine. Ripened in French oak, it shows a perfect combination of the two varieties with aromas of black fruits and coffee. Thus, the winery Jose Aristegui presents us a high expression wine with plenty of life ahead.

For its part, the wineries that represent the excellence of the DO Valdeorras wines at Auria Vinum Valdeorras, accompanying  the José Aristegui Winery are:

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Auria Vinum is a specialized event about the Galician wine sector that is to be held between the 2nd and the 3th July, intended for the hotel and restaurant industry at the Restaurant Cafe Maimon (Reza road, Maimon Park - Ourense) and, on 7th July, opened to the general public at the  the City Museum of Ourense ( Lepanto Stt. 6 - Ourense)

Through this initiative, it is aimed to show to all public the international quality of the Galician wines.

You can ensure your attendance by phone:  (0034) 988 388 108


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