Friday, July 6, 2012

Celtic Pork trotters in pairing with a DO Valdeorras Mencía

 As every Friday, today is about recipes and, following  the line of previous weeks and by courtesy of Grupo Nove and the DO Valdeorras, we offer you a recipe of the best vanguard cuisine of Galicia, Celtic Pork trotters in pairing with a DO Valdeorras Mencía.

This recipe comes by the hand of Héctor Lopez, a young, restless and open-minded chef, everyday evolving to learn and putting all his dedication and love in what he does.

Héctor introduces himself as follows:

I started to work very young at my family restaurant. After studying at the Culinary Arts School of Santiago, I wanted to know what was going on in Spain and I worked with chefs like Pedro Subijana and Toño Pérez. Now I’ve been some years focused on the restaurant España, where I try to rejuvenate the cuisine of Lugo. Héctor López
So this is how Héctor presents his dish and its wine pairing

In his restaurant, “España”, López brothers gave a boost to the restaurant that has been part of the family for generations. Héctor bet on a combination of his orthodox inheritance and an update of the same. At the same time they changed their style, they improved the equipment and services of the restaurant. It has 50 years of existence, starting as cafeteria and rising to the actual levels. A rising that is still on with the two brothers on the head, Héctor in the kitchen, and Francisco in the dining room. An unstoppable rise
We remind you that next Friday you are invited to enjoy a leading new  recipe in close pairing with Valdeorras wines. Moreover, "Auria Vinum Fair" will open its doors this weekend in the city of Ourense, for you to enjoy the excellence of wines from Galicia in pairing with the best cuisine in the earth under the leadership of Javier González, Chef of "Grupo Nove" and head of the restaurant " A Rexidora".

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