Saturday, July 21, 2012

Caramelized Bananas With Aguardiente ( Eau de Vie) From Valdeorras and Caramel Custard Ice Cream

 To sweeten the weekend, from the Mother of the wine we present you this amazing avant-garde gastronomic recipe of Galicia, in close pairing with a Godello Lías DO Vadeorras. This dessert, by courtesy of the prestigious Chef of “Grupo Nove” Pablo Romero and of the Regulatory Council of the DO Valdeorras.

Pablo Romero, restless tracker of products, he goes daily around the markets looking for products for his menu. His menu is very flexible, it changes quite often because he doesn’t find what he’s looking for. Many times the market decides for us.

His love for cuisine started very soon at “A Costa da Morte”, where his grandmother create, at the family restaurant, those famous pies, fish and shellfish. His family has always valued good product. Later he decided to make of that hobbie his profession, leaving his university studies and working full-time in this. Altough he makes modern cuisine, he always keeps in mind the traditional recipes.

At his restaurant, “Allo e Aceite” (in Pontevedra) we discover a new way of enjoy the daily chosen products. Simplicity in the creation, surprise in your mouth.
Selected products and simple creations made with avant-garde techniques and respect, all with a modern presentation.

So this is how Pablo presents his dessert and its wine pairing

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