Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The First Fair of Excellence Products of the Euroregion gets an amazing success in the village of O Barco

Photo: Manu Sánchez (Alan de Val) Info: Manu Sánchez - La voz de Galicia - La Región
The First Fair of Excellence Products of Galicia and Northern Portugal, in which the Valdeorras wines have played an important role, closes with figures of around 35,000 euros in profits for producers, in the words of its responsible, Irene Dacal.

During the weekend, the Malecon avenue of O Barco was closed to traffic so the 22 producers of quality products from Galicia and Portugal could set up their stalls. Visitors could buy everything;  from wine to honey or even traditional "mirabeles" and cold meat of Portugal and Valdeorras.

There were sold sweets for 1 euro, but also wine bottles for 25 , so the balance made ​​from the Department of Tourism and Economic Development of O Barco notes that this weekend's food fair has generated "between 30,000 and 40,000 euros in sales», according to data released today by the responsible, Irene Dacal.
This is the calculation made under the 2,500 purchasing tickets delivered, that give the right to participate in a drawing for various prizes. She said that "the producers were delighted, and even there were some that had to go and got more products because they had already sold all"; some of them also pointed to their intention to return whenever possible.

Several wineries of Valdeorras have joined the act from their respective stands, offering the excellence of its wines as an inducement to the quality of the products displayed.

You can get more information about each by clicking on its name

Meanwhile, a contest of sandwiches, involving twelve competitors, preceded the closure of the First Fair of Excellence Products of Galicia and Northern Portugal.

 The winner was José Luis Ferreira, who used as a main ingredient pepper pate. The second and third prizes went to Franciso Bussieres Valcarce and Manuel Fernández Lopez, respectively. The winners will enjoy of three days stay in Barcelos (Portugal), a weekend in Sarria (Lugo) and the spectacular "O Pazo de Castro" in the village of O Barco.


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