Friday, July 13, 2012

Two "Acio" Gold awards, one Silver and one Bronze for the DO Valdeorras wines at the "XXIV Wine Tasting of Galicia"

Info Source: "La Voz de Galicia" newspaper - Marta Sertaje (A Coroa Winery)
Gold "Acio" award to Joaquin Rebolledo in the category of best red wine of Galicia, Gold "Acio" award to Godello Bioca Selección as best white wine of the DO Valdeorras, Silver "Acio" award to Godello A Coroa and Bronze "Acio" award to the Hacineda Ucediños, are the prizes that have certified the great moment of 2011 harvest  in the DO Valdeorras.

Following the line of recent times, the DO Valdeorras wines are still causing sensation in the different competitions in which they take part.

A good proof of this is the Golden awards that accredit the Joaquin Rebolledo's Mencía as the best Galician red wine at the "XXIV Wine Tasting of Galicia", award given under the approval of the Department for Rural Affairs.

Joaquin Rebolledo continues to reaffirm the tradition that credits one of its wines as one with most projection and recognition in Spain. This award joins the former wins that the winery got beyond our borders to reinforce the quality and excellence that characterizes the 2011 harvest of the DO Valdeorras.


Meanwhile, as the best white wine in the category of guarantee of quality, Bioca Godello Selección has been awarded with the Golden "Acio" award, as far as it concerns the DO Valdeorras.

Bioca Godello, belonging to María Teresa Nuñez Vega winery, has been one of the great ambassadors of the DO Valdeorras wines internationally, achieving become a creditor of multiple awards in several competitions in Europe and North America.

In turn, the Valdeorras winery "A Coroa" has established itself in the Galician wine industry, becoming  Silver "Acio" award in the category of white wines of the DO Valdeorras.

After being considered as the great white spanish wine in North American, as it is credited through the "The New York Times" publication and the gold medal in  "Selections from Canada Mondiales de vins" competition (the largest wine contest in North America) among many other awards gotten ​​in this continent, while continuing to reaffirm its presence in Europe with the gold medal in Citadelles Vin in France, Excellence in ProWein (Germany) and tender the monopoly on the Swedish market, now takes revalidation with this new award of its excellence in the Galician market.

While the Bronze has been given to Eladio Santalla Freire winery for its 2011 Godello "Hacienda Ucediños"

Through these three new awards, it is been proved the  great work of the DO Valdeorras wineries, in order to offer a premium product that has become a benchmark in the most demanding markets of the international wine industry.

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