Wednesday, June 20, 2012

José Luis García Pando has been reelected president of the Regulatory Council of the DO Valdeorras

 Six out of the nine full members of the Regulatory Council of the DO Valdeorras, appointed in the last election, reelected Jose Luis Garcia Pando as the president.

The election took place last Monday at the headquarters of the Regulatory Council in Vilamartín Valdeorras, with the presence of the territorial chief of the Department for Rural Affairs and Sea, Ricardo Vecilla. "The collaboration of the Regional Administration with the new president will be total" he said, immediately after the plenary.

José Luis García Pando received the support of the three wine cooperatives (A Rua, Larouco and O Barco) that also got in the last election, joined by the winery sector group headed by José Guitián, that added another vote, and in the last hours, the trade union “Unións Agrarias” ( Agricultural Union) voted for him too.

The President explained that during the meetings before the plenary, the industrial sector and the cooperative wineries reached an agreement to work together in the Regulatory Council. Jose Luis said that this was the reason for his presidential candidacy, and that his first step will be to create a group to reach consensus issues before bringing them to the plenary. In addition, he said that "this group is opened to those who wish to join it ".

Thus, the new organization chart is constituted as follows:
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