Sunday, September 30, 2012

91 points for "A Coroa Godello 2011" in the "International Wine Cellar" a publication of Stephen Tanzer

  New international recognition of the wine industry for Valdeorras wines that, once more, arrive by the hand of the A Coroa winery, achieving this time 91 points in the publication "International Wine Cellar". This is one of the referential publications in the world wine sector, together with "The Wine Advocate" of Robert Parker.

The prestigious American wine critic Stephen Tanzer, is back to track to elevate the Valdeorras Godello "A Coroa" giving to the wine, this time, 91 points in his bimonthly publication "International Wine Cellar".

The one considered by a large segment of the world of wine experts as the biggest competitor of  Robert Parker, bets once more on Godellos of the D.O. Valdeorras appellation as the reference of the Spanish white wines in the international wine market.

The A Coroa winery, which has just got a major gap in the Swedish monopoly market through System Bolaget chain, continues guaranteeing the quality of its Godello 2011. In this occasion, the cellar gets a new recognition to its achievements that is added to all previous of 2012: gold medal at the "World Wine Selection of Canada", gold medal at the "International Wine Competition of Lyon", silver Medal at the "Competition for the Best Spanish Wines for  USA", the silver "Bacchus" in Spain and the Silver “Acio” in Galicia.

In addition, A Coroa wine has been featured in the The New York Times this year. The magazine has stressed among 20 wines of the Godello variety sold in the USA market the A Coroa wine as the most significant of them all, following the taste of the wine critic Eric Asimov. He has highlighted this as a "deep, tasty and unique wine, with a succulent texture and flavors of tropical fruits", expanding his valuation with the sentence "is a wine that not only represents power, but the power turned into wine".

Stephen Tanzer
 Stephen Tanzer is one of the most famous critics in the United States. He is the director and editor of the bimonthly publication "International Wine Cellars", which was launched in 1985. This uses a rating system based on a wine quality scale that goes from 70 to 100 points, being the major competitor of "The Wine Advocate" publication of Robert Parker. However, the distinguishing feature of both publications lies on a less extravagant line followed by Tanzer.

Tanzer tastes more than 10,000 wines in the United States and abroad annually, and is a professional who spends many months of the year visiting vineyards, wine regions and meeting the producers.

Hence, this rating ratifies the international prestige of the Godellos of the D.O. Valdeorras appellation, and confirms the high quality of these as "some of the most fashionable wines in the international wine sector."

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