Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The DO Valdeorras apellation wines are already in Brussels

 Yesterday began the first of two presentations that  Regulatory Council and wineries DO Valdeorras held in Brussels, surrounded by a large halo of expectation, which has overcome the best expectations for these events.

At 11:00 pm yesterday, the Hotel Meridien received a Valdeorras delegation  formed by the Regulatory Council and eleven wineries representation, which showed the excellence of the 2011 harvest at a large number of Belgian professionals.

In a ceremony that lasted until 17:00 pm, the main wine professionals in Belgium not want to miss the excellence of each trendiest wines in the international wine scene and, with a nearly full room, they had able to ratify the great expectation given by the most prestigious competitions in Belgium and the Netherlands to these wines.

If the professional sector played yesterday, today will be the turn of the high institutions and the public in general, in a ceremony marked by a high demand for assistance and invitations, that expect a full almost total in the Fundación Galicia Europa.

Fundación Galicia Europa is a private, non-profit-making institution created to promote all the actions that favour a closer relationship between Galicia and Europe. It was established in 1988, and it is made up of several public and private Galician entities. It is open to collaboration with all the institutions representing the economic and social Galician life and pursuing the same aims.

Since its creation, the directorship of Fundación Galicia Europa has been functionally linked to the Xunta de Galicia. Nowadays, the department of the regional administration in charge of Fundación Galicia Europa has been the General Directory of Foreign Affairs and EU Relations from the Regional Ministry of Presidency, Civil Service and Justice of the Galician Government. The Galician President is the Director of the Fundación and the General Director of External Affairs is the Managing Director. The reason of this bond is to achieve a better coordination of all the European related actions undertaken by the different Galician sectors.

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