Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Godello of the DO Valdeorras appellation receives great international qualifications at Fenavin, while it starts a with promotional presentation in Japan

The Godello of the DO Valdeorras appellation, through its 2012 harvest, has received high praise from international importers at Fenavin, while the Regulatory Council starts with the promotional events of his trip to Japan.

The most important fair of the wine sector of Spain, FENAVIN, has closed its doors between large praisers for the 2012 harvest of the Godello of the DO Valdeorras appellation that, furthermore, has drawn the attention of the major markets such as the Belgian and Japanese.

If  just a week ago, when the red wines were the most appreciated by the European sector in Switzerland, now the white wines are the ones which have aroused great interest among those attending Fenavin, achieving at the same time international contacts for their import.

And this is ratified by the technical Director of the DO Valdeorras appellation, Jorge Mazaira: "The fair has turned to be very positive due to the interesting contacts made, and the Belgian and Japanese importers emphasized the quality of our wines. The main attraction were the godellos, which enjoy of a great reputation in the industry. "

And this statement is not trivial, as Japan is the next promotional destination of the DO Valdeorras wines abroad. Furthermore, if it is true that there are wineries already settled in the Japanese market, the interest that the DO Valdeorra is arousing among the Japanese industry experts, has led to occasional visits of them to the county to know, "in situ",  the idiosyncrasy that characterizes the wines of Valdeorras.

Thus, Tokyo is  the city which gives a warm welcome to the wines of the DO Valdeorras appellation within the events of the Vinalitur Fair to be held between today, May 13, and tomorrow, May 14, through some acts in which the Regulatory Council will act on behalf of several wineries attached to the Valdeorras quality seal.

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