Wednesday, December 9, 2009


In the rural Valdeorras, just like in the rest of Galicia, and many parts of the world, the western calendar, is based on the nature's cycles. In this way, the wine, as well as other crops, has its own cycle with the seasons of the year. Here it is in this video, the cycle of wine corresponding to the wine harvest, in Autumn time.

Related celebrations date back to the days when wine was a bridge between Gods and men. So that in Valdeorras the cultural oral tradition is still alive and that is the reason why, older harvesters while vintaging, relieve their fatigue with popular songs of oral tradition.

Despite this times where we live in rural depopulation around the world, it is a pleasure and fortune to see in this region that new generations of boys and girls follow the traditions of their grandparents going to harvest with them.

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